All products are controlled with the latest quality control mechanism so that you can buy with confidence


A unique competition in selling products at a reasonable price, you can buy quality cement at the lowest cost


Carrying out the entire process of exporting and importing goods in the shortest possible time


Support and consultation of products before purchase and answering questions of dear customers

Cargo inspection

Inspecting the products during ordering and controlling their quality by experienced inspectors, Expro Trading Company inspects the goods with a guarantee and sends them to you, dear customers.


Shipping products

Expro uses the latest methods of sending products and this makes the products to be sent as soon as possible

Product warehouse

This company has the most modern containers and warehousing center so that the products are stored in the company's warehouse after completing the contract and sent after quality control.


Food business

Food import and export is one of the most difficult projects, so it requires a comprehensive and controlled system so that the products reach the buyers with the same basic quality.

Geographical location

One of the most important items of goods trade is the presence of numerous offices in the target countries, of which Expro has the largest number of offices in the world.